Dr T B Solabakkanavar

  • DOB: 03-03-1947
  • Father: Basavanneppa
  • Mother: Basavannevva
  • Place: Hulasogi (Taluk:Shiggaon)

  • Folk, Knowledge-Science Award(2001)
  • Organization(Sanghatanaa) Award(2002)
  • Kannada Raajyotsava Award (2005)
  • Fine Arts Academy Award (2006)
  • Honorary Doctorate Award From Karnataka Folklore University(2018)

Works of Dr T B Solabakkanavar Sir

  • 20 Years served as lecturer for fine Arts College of Kuvempu University at Davangere Voluntary Retired to service on 1990 and focused on Folk(Doddata) and Sculpture.
  • Presented Paintings at famous galleries of State and Nationwide in the form of Specialist Experimenting with Charcol, Pen, Ink Medium.Got Appreciation from famous Arts Reviewers Shri B.V.K Shastri, Shri Chandrashekhar and more.
  • The barrier of people to nuclear war via hundred feet painting it was painted in the year 1986; it was Reviewed as Great poetry.
  • 120 feet long oil painted film Continuous Image Display Was presented at 60 places of Karnataka. The Main Specialty of this painting is it has been portrayed as the first experiment in a drawing form. Following this, many paintings were created around the country in this same format. Following the same painting several Drama and poems are made. The Painting was also exhibited in Teenmurthy Bhvana Delhi, Nehru University and several other universities.
  • Karnataka's First Doddata(Bayalaata) Research and Training Institute trust has been setup.
  • The trust has got State Award from Folk and Yakshagana Academy in the year 2002.

    Identified on the country's tourist map, Gardens Constructed In a very short time are:
  • Aalamatti rock Garden (Forest Department Aalamatti)
  • Krishna Park(Forest Department Aalamatti)
  • Lava ‐ Kusha Park(Forest Department Aalamatti)
  • Folk museum (Forest Department Aalamatti) Navanagar Baagalkote
  • 8 World Records Holder Utsav Rock Garden
    1.    Limca Book of Records
    2.    India Book of Records
    3.    Records setter (America)
    4.    Records holder Republic(London)
    5.    Unique world Record
    6.    Amazing World Record
    7.    Assist World Record
    8.    Everest World Record(Nepal)
  • Siddhagiri Museum , Kaneeri Matha, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Bareed Shaahi Park, Bidar
  • J.P Park (City corporation Bangaluru)
  • Folk world(Jaanapada Looka) Raamanagar.
  • Graama Samskriti Park (City corporation) Someshwar Waadi , Paashana , Pune
  • Shaalmala Park, chipagi (Forest Department Shirsi)
  • August 15 Garden Hadagali.
  • Bellary cultural Complex
  • Kunte Gadde Garden, Bellary
  • Bheeshma Lake Gadag Zoo.
  • Singataaluru Park, Mundargi
  • Nature Camp , Dandeli
  • Heritage Village Park M.G.R.E.D Jakkuru , Bangaluru
  • Revolutionary Freedom Fighter Life History Interior ‐ Exterior Art World Sangolli, Belagaavi etc

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring out art from metropolitan art galleries to common class people.
  • To create healthy atmosphere in our society and to create awareness to take environmental action to protect nature by planting various Indian trees, Rainwater Harvesting etc. and by giving a message to Mankind- Live and Let Live.
  • To provide employment opportunities to artists and local people.
  • To preserve and promote cultural values of rural life.
  • To exhibit the hidden traditional values (Moral, Social, Cultural & Traditional healthy food).
  • A center for communal harmony where people can stand,stare and get delighted by seeing their life reflected through art.
  • An unique spot which equally delights children, common people, educated and intellectuals.
  • To educate common people regarding Art presenting through realistic, super realistic, modern and contemporary styles of sculptures and paintings.
  • Carrying the art towards people in this era of Globalization, Computerization and Modernization.